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Digital Dealer 9 - Las Vegas

Just returned from the 9th Digital Dealer conference hosted at The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV.

Show was great. Lot's of energy, and together Koala and I were jamming in and out of the conference floor taking photos, capturing interviews, saving the auto industry, and pretty much dominating everything.

9th Digital Dealer - The Mirage Conference Center - Las Vegas, NV

Chris Latta and Joe Mescher expressing thier excitement.

Vid Team Representing.

Dean Evans accepts 1 of 3 AWA awards from Brian Pasch

Craig from Keene gives us the thumbs up after giving us a great interview.

Remember, "sometimes... the dragon wins".

This is prolly one of the last moments I remember from that night. heh.


Room 3090. The Mirage Hotel and Casino

"yeah... get me the hell outta Vegas!"


Say Hello To My Little Friend.

Just started a new relationship with this Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR II. 

Sexy. Sharp. Satisfying.

And all the while I couldn't resist an affair with this bombshell of a video vixen...

Guess that makes me a two timing shutter slut huh? =P



Bacchus Boy!

Say Hello to Bacchus. He is 6 month's old and is such a joy to have around.


3d Particles In Blender

3d Particles from John Sappo on Vimeo.

Lot's of learning going on for me this week in the 3d world.

I recreated this particle demonstration from another particle tutorial I found on the web. Basically exercising the use of particles (boxes in this case) to assemble a mesh object (text).

This was all created using Blender 2.49


Tingly Taste Buds

Two gourmet plates of food I photographed for Shawn at the Dot Calm Cafe.

The top being a Bison Bacon Burger and the lower being a seasoned beef veggie wrap plate with sprouts.