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LIFE Ninja!

I was in Rhode Island over the weekend at the sea shore and what do I spy?

A LIFE Ninja!

Tiger Style.



Portraits - For the BizzzNAAsssss side of things. 

Head shots taken for corporate big guy stuff.

Matt Murray all up in yo' face!



That's me. Lost in a powder mound.


Photo by Ilke VG


I'm Baaaaaacccckkkkkkk.

I have been all over the place the last couple months. One of those places being St. Maarten (SXM). 

Gee whiz... where do I start, and how do I describe one of the most treasured islands on the globe?





It's divided distinctly in half by both the French, and the Dutch sides.

The French side is unlike the dutch side by all of the obvious things like nationality, language, customs, etc... but also by it's lack of commercialized commodities like movie theatres, and fast food chains. These will be most notable traveling as a tourist.

We stayed at the Westin Dawn Beach resort & spa.

It's located on the east side of the island on the Dutch half, but within very close proximity of the French border.

The pool was slammin'.

The Drinks were tropical, and tasty.

The beds... soft.

Beach, combed.

Our favorite beach of the entiiirrrrrrrre island was Orient Beach. Hands downs.

This place is the beach bums' ultimate destination. A haven of skin, water, and...

things like this:


That's me with the one and only Mr. Remo.

I'm coppin' his new CD Hooked.

You can check his music out here on myspace.

Liiiiikke I said, "yeaaahhh mon, The best beach on the island"

Know that Carib is the official beer of the Caribbean. I got these each for $1 at Lolo's in Grand Case.

And look what else I got!!!

True authentic Creole cookin' on the beach kid. Finger lickin' goooooood.

No fo' real. The most AUTHENTIC shiznizzz and I've been to Louisiana braaaa.

Just ask her...

So... some 6,000+ tourists/crew get off the cruise ships once they dock up in Phillipsburg.

This is looking down the boardwalk where most of them will hang out for the day.

This strip is where you find all sorts of duty free shops, restaurants, casinos, and cabbies.

Bargain with everyone. 1euro = 1american. Works out for us.

Say hello to Viktor. He will sell you anything... if of course, the price is right.

St. Maarten as a vacation destination?

Do it!

Anniversaries, birthdays, bahmitzvahs, honeymoons, or long weekend... You quickly find it less harder to make a reason to visit. 

But as a first timer you must know:

Renting a car is a must. I was able to play let's make a deal with the 8 rental counters after passing through passport control in Princess Juliana airport. Got the best price, and you'll easily be able to explore the whole island.

Bring lot's of sunscreen!

SPF 50 is ideal.

Check out all the beach bars for drink specials and or chair/umbrella rentals. Some places you can hook it up.

And don't forget to check out the local rib shacks!!! Everyone is bar b q'ing something up.

All the time.

St. Maarten time.

I can't wait to go back.

I love this place.

So much so even, that I'm going to retire here in of these beach shacks.

Fetch coconuts, and hang in the hammock all day.

Werd up.


Fall Portrait Session

My girlfriend and I recently shot a family portrait session at the Shelburne Farms. Such a beautiful location.

These little guys made it such a blast running around the old Inn, and rolling down the grass slopes.

We even managed to capture the older kids embracing the moment too =)

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