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2011 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival - Photo AD Spread

I had a tremendous opportunity to photograph all of the musicians at for a mosaic photo spread advertisement to be featured in the program guide for the Jazz event, and ancillary promotional materials leading up to it.

I have posted a selection of the portraits below that are featured in the ad.


Below is the final spread that is going to run in the event guide. Design 1 of 3.


Dennis Lemoine Everybody!

Dennis Lemoine is turning 30 everybody!

So for a proper celebration, a proper invitation is needed right?

I quickly snapped this photo of Dennis and gave it to our crafty graphic designer, Jane Cormier and she came up with this Elvis inspired theme for the birthday boy.



DIY Camera Dolly

Hey there!

I'm really excited to share with you all the camera dolly that I assembled recently.

The camera dolly is a great tool to have in your kit and provides you a movement technique to help really empower the shot you're trying to capture.

I started the project with the wheel assembly as I knew this would be the trickiest part.

I used some weldable angle and flat steel. I chose this material for its rigidity and strength.

90° Angle Steel.

Flat steel cut to measure for the wheel assembly.

After the pieces were cut to size they were welded together to secure the assembly.

It's important to make sure that everything was measured correctly, square, and proportional to each assembly piece. This will help a true line up on the track when all is complete.

Next the 'Stud' holes for the wheel axles, and also 4 holes in each corner to fasten it to the dolly platform are drilled out.

I also drilled out an access hole in the back of the assembly so I can feed in the axle stud bolts.

Finding the perfect axle hardware was a bit tricky as I spent considerable time in the hardware store trying to match the right spacers with washers, bolt length and size... all while allowing enough room to secure it properly with a lock nut and not pinch the wheel bearings for a smoothe rotation.

As you can see...

I chose some pretty gummy skateboard wheels, and super fly bearings from a local shop knowing they would work nicely with the plastic pvc pipe I intended to use as my rails.

Here is the wheel assembly all assembled:

Alright so the hard part is done...

Next is constructing the dolly platform the tripod and camera operator will ride on. Weeeee!

I ripped a 3/4" sheet of hardwood ply into a rectangle of approx 4'x2.5'

Made some measurements for precise wheel assembly fastening.

Snapped a couple chalk lines

This is looking at the bottom of the platform with all of the wheel assemblies fastened:

I added a couple extra things to really make this device more useful. The first was placing some carpet squares on the top surface for some friction.

Not going crazy with any permanent glues as I imagined that I might have to modify it later down the road...

I chose a spray adhesive to apply the carpet squares to surface:

And lastly I applied a grip handle so it made moving the platform on the track more manageable.

I used a flagpole assembly that you might purchase if you wanted to put a flag outside of your home.

This was most appealing because of the articulation of the handle angle depending on the operators preference.

I'm using 1" standard cold water pvc pipe for my track rails.

I will not be able to go around curves, however I can assemble as much lateral track as desired with connecting ties.

After doing a couple hand test glides, and it feeling as smooth as warm peanut butter...

The vid team got together to give it a go and here is the first shot on the new rig:


Dolly Test Footage from John Sappo on Vimeo.


Super dope stuff.



3D Light Streaks - Yeaaah Booooiiiiii

Blender 3D Light Streak from John Sappo on Vimeo.

This clip is a test render coming from Blender 2.5 using curve modifiers and shape keys to control a custom light path.

Couple composite nodes were used to doctor up the light streak and make it glow a bit more and it was my first time using the alpha index masks for isolating certain parts of a mesh object while preserving others.

Fun stuff.


DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig - KaPoW!

Check it!

So stoked to use our new DSLR shoulder mounted 'Field Cinema' rig from RedRock.

Super solid construction.

Military grade hardware.

Swoopin in' & Comin' atchYA!

I'll update this entry once I mount the field monitor on extension bar and get my follow focus rings in the mail.

Thanks RedRock!